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Located inside the "Torre" salt warehouse, MUSA keeps a slice of the history of Cervia, keeping alive the memory of the work in the saltworks thanks to the collection of documents, tools and photos that show the environment and the process of salt production.

The museum develops through paths that explore the evolution of the landscapes and the community, from man's work to social life.
Inside there are some interesting finds such as the burchiella, a flat-bottomed iron boat used until the end of the 1950s to transport salt. Of great interest are the ancient wooden tools used for the production and collection of salt, the images of the salt workers, the objects and everything that revolves around the story of production of salt.

The Museum, created to protect and preserve objects, images and documents that bear witness to the civilization of salt, is now a place of meeting, cultural growth and research, promotes the study and knowledge of the material and immaterial heritage of the city to preserve memory and stimulate interest in the past and in the history of the city.


MUSA, Museo del Sale di Cervia, Viale Nazario Sauro, 24, 48015 Cervia RA


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