Cervia Historical City Centre - Guided Tour for Groups

Guided tour in the centre of Cervia, with its squares, gates and historical streets full of memory and charm.

The tour winds its way through the streets of the centre, touching on the most interesting points illustrated by the guide who will accompany you along the entire route.
You can listen to the history of the Old Town, originally located in the area of the Salt Pans, and its movement in the current area in 1697.
The walk through the streets of the Quadrilateral (name given to the center because it was built according to a rectangular plan), will deepen your knowledge of some emblematic places and characteristic of life in Cervia:
  • Salt Warehouse Sector: Includes the Tower Warehouse and the Darsena Warehouse, two large buildings built along the Canal Port of Cervia once used for salt conservation;
  • Via Nazario Sauro: This road is the fulcrum of the Borgomarina, connecting the old town with the canal port;
  • Salinari Houses: Houses located along the perimeter of the Quadrilateral built between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to accommodate the families of the salinari who worked for the Papal State;
  • Piazza Pisacane: Also called Piazza delle Erbe, it is now a meeting point and entertainment with trendy clubs and restaurants;
  • Porta Mare: It is located in the historic center of Cervia, the gateway to Piazza Pisacane and Piazza Garibaldi;
  • Piazza Garibaldi: Heart of the New Cervia, Piazza Garibaldi presents, one in front of the other, political and spiritual power: the Town Hall and the Cathedral;
  • Theatre of Cervia: Situated along the perimeter of the quadrilateral, it is an example of minor architecture of the nineteenth century, a century of great love for the opera house.

The tour is reserved for groups of at least 20 people and can be booked in advance.
The guided tour is available in Italian, English and German.


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